11.28.2013 18:53

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I'm spending most of my Thanksgiving Day at home with the wife, my family, and her aunt and cousins. I'm showing one of her cousins how web servers work and how a webpage is updated. ^_^


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11.13.2013 15:35

Sparcstation and NeXTstation sandwiches this week

This week I took the time to clean up the office a bit. With the extra organization of my cables I was able to plug in the old NeXTstation to see if it was compatible with the monitor I am currently using. It works! I have a NeXTstation color showing all it's colorful glory on the monitor. I decided to leave it, and the Sparcstation 5 that pengwen graciously donated to me running continuously. I want to practice writing and running simulation code with the two machines so my current project with the NeXTstation is to compile the GNU scientific library for it. Last night I spend some time testing out the compiler. To compile short objective-c programs I learned that I need to explicity specify which libraries I'm using. In the example I worked on that meant cc -I/NextDeveloper/Headers -o $1 $2 -lFoundation_s for a simple fraction printing example program I found. To get C++ working took a bit of research. I learned that NeXT did not provide C++ libraries, and there GNU G++ libraries needed to be installed. Fortunately these already came with my machine, so I needed to run: cc++ -I/usr/include/g++ -L/usr/lib -o $1 $2 -lg++ in order to get my simple "hello world" program running. Here is what my little research stack looks like right now. The big beast on the left is a SunBlade 1000. Note that little SDF sticker on it! ^_^

Nextstation Sparcstation Sandwich -----

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