07.07.2014 17:14

A journal entry for the day.

Today I'm back at work. I'm writing with an upgraded version on nanoblogger, looks like he fixed the calendar portion of the app. I've been writing a lot lately at the consternation of my wife.

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07.03.2014 19:49

Last week was World Typewriter Day...

Last week was World Typewriter Day, specifically it was on June 23. This week the first commercial typewriter was sold, on July 1, 1874. The obsession with typewriters continues for me as I spend my lunch breaks dreaming and thinking of things to write about, and what tools I will use to write them. My typewriter is still in the shop, it's week 2 of the three week lag time I was told to accept.

I am currently jotting down my notes on a Smith-Corona Electra 120, which I wrote about on Medium the other day. Medium is a fun place to write, they definitely make formatting and presentation easy. The result is easy on the eyes, and anything on Medium, no matter how frivolus, seems like an interesting read.

So here are some pictures of the typewriter shop I went to, called Mesa Typewriter Exchange, here in good-ol Arizona. There is also a picture of the SCM Electra 120 I am currently working with. I bought it years ago for $7.00 at a Savers store.

photo_1.jpg photo_2.jpg photo_3.jpg photo_4.jpg -----

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